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I want you to feel better, physically, mentally and spiritually. I don’t promote drastic diets or unsustainable ways of living. I believe in the power of using food and exercise to FEEL better, feel more confident and capable, as well as getting those results you crave.

Let me tell you why; As a teenager in school, I loved reading about whole foods, healing foods and the affect on the body. I was always awkwardly taller than most girls and had an athletic body but didn’t quite fit in with any team sports. In Irish schools, we typically have; GAA, basketball and rugby. I loved dance and drama, even though I wasn’t amazing at either, both made me feel good and gave me a healthy outlet. Leaving school and growing into a young older, I lost out on the dance and drama and found myself suddenly inactive without exercise and confused with how I felt about my body.

I would go on to fight my body, I would run on the treadmill and weigh myself after, in the hope my weight will have dropped from the previous day. “If I just get under 10 stone I’ll look good”.  I had the wrong role models. I’d cut carbs, go on juice diets and then beat myself up when I couldn’t follow those diets through.  I would then go home and comfort eat out of frustration, the vicious cycle would continue for years.

This sabotaging way of living had spread into all areas of my life, my insecurity in myself had me living a life I definitely did not love.

One day I just decided to change, it took a lot and forced me to level up. I decided to throw out all the toxicity of my life and focus on myself for a change. I realised how I looked would never change the fact I wasn’t happy in life. It was a distraction. I was sick of diets and obsessing over the scales and realised I was doing it all as a form of control in what was otherwise, an unhappy life.

That was during the time I had dedicated myself towards training for my first real bikini show with a local bodybuilding federation. It was a random act. I didn’t do the competition  because I wanted to wear a sparkly bikini and look hot, (trust me, I wasn’t confident enough to even dream of that) I wanted to do it because I truly believed I wasn’t ABLE to do it, I wanted to see if I had the strength or the balls to do it. I did. It was the last thing anyone would have expected of me and that is exactly why I gave it a shot.

Sticking with something so new and scary changed how I felt about myself. I found an inner strength and confidence I really never knew I had. My confidence grew because I suddenly realised “I CAN do crazy things and I CAN decide how I want to feel each day”

I found a way of training that I loved,it was time for ME, I decided to not feel guilty for being selfish with my time a change and I’ve never looked back. I stopped acting like a doormat, I took charge of my life at the same time and it was the most freeing feeling. To think I previously allowed myself to fall into a pit of self hatred was a scary thought but something that has happened to so many of us so easily, I wanted to change that, for more people.

I started to help a few girls to shape up their bodies too. One of these girls once shared a story with me about how her friends and family were throwing shade on her sunshine, how they don’t encourage her or feel happy for her healthy changes. SHE felt amazing, her whole life had flipped for the better, but she had no one to share her routine and excitement with.

I told her how I would love to set up a “GIRLS ONLY” fitness bootcamp here locally but I was afraid nobody would come. Fear was making me nervous. I knew that no one else had done anything like it locally here before and I was afraid of being a wash out.

I wanted to create a place where women could motivate each other, train together and have somewhere to go to share their goals together. I genuinely didn’t know how I was going to do it, I had nowhere to rent, I had no money (none, zilch, zero) no equipment, just me and a local park I planned using if all else failed.

So I advertised it through Facebook and the response was overwhelming and left me in tears. This was where I would finally help all those girls struggling, just as I had before. Everything I had been through and every shitty feeling I ever had about myself would now serve an actual purpose.

Word of mouth surely grew and these girls were flocking to me from all parts of the county. This wasn’t just a class, they found something in that room they couldn’t find anywhere else. I was watching them transform in front of my eyes, not just their bodies but their self-esteem and their general vibe.

A year had passed with incredible growth, hundreds of requests later and I decided to put together an online training plan for those girls who couldn’t make it to my gym. Basically, my bootcamp, on paper, for girls to do at home! Again, the response and results with my online plans have been out of this world to date.

I’ve ran “online challenges” every month or second month since then, and the results are still amazing.

From the beginning, I was amazed all the incredible women out there deciding that they too have had enough, that it’s time for a change. I was also shocked at how so many felt so bad.

My approach is simple but one thing I do ask of you is to work on believing in yourself. The only reason you failed to reach your goals before is because you were looking in the wrong places. Restrictive diets and crazy cardio. Your body loves you and wants you to feed it nourishing foods. Your body wants to sweat, jump, skip, run and feel GOOD!

Allow yourself the chance to become a better you, a happier, healthier you from this day on. Don’t wait for Monday. Take one step. You don’t need anyone’s approval to start feeling good about yourself, you just need to really want to feel that feeling of confidence yourself.
I will only ever encourage you, I will guide you every step of the way if you allow me.

My face lights up every day with stories of girls around the world who have transformed their health and lives, for this I am eternally grateful. As long as I am building someones self-esteem and overall happiness, I know I am on the right path.

I don’t see myself a personal trainer specifically for this reason, I see myself as a place for anyone feeling a bit low, a little unsure of themselves. I know through experience, feeling a little more confident in your own body and mind can do wonders for your life.

I hope you decide to take the leap of faith in your own life,

Lisa Dee


  • 1.Answers to FAQs
  • Lisa runs a bootcamp? Where is it and what is it?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Lisa runs female only training groups from her private gym studio in Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland. Her bootcamps are for women of all fitness levels and ages, suited to beginners and advanced trainers! Two years and going stronger than ever, no two workouts are ever the same! The workouts are structured weekly to ensure you work every part of your body. The groups run 4-6 times per day depending on the time of year, there’s always a time to suit your schedule! Lisa likes to keep her groups small, so each girl has enough attention. You won’t ever find more than 25 girls in a group. Included in the monthly membership is her food and lifestyle guides. If you’re in the area, sign up to her next intake. Places sell out fast. Book *HERE*

  • What is Lisa’s Bikini Body From Home Guide?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Lisa created this guide for the girls around the country and the world begging her for help but
    unable to make it to her classes!
    This guide is here to help you feel better in your own skin. Lisa believes all women should feel
    confident, strong and empowered not only in their own bodies, but in life.
    Lisa provides you with 3-5 structured workouts a week as well as a glossary on how to compete
    each exercise the correct way.
    She provides you with a balanced lifestyle and food guide (you can read more about below).
    The focus in on helping you change your habits and find the faith in yourself, your health and your
    beautiful body again. Book *HERE*

  • Can I adapt the guide to my busy schedule?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Yes, absolutely! Lisa has created the Bikini Body From Home Guide for women of all lifestyles. The workouts are only 25-30 minutes long and can be done any time during the day or night, fitting in to your lifestyle.

  • I lack motivation, I’m worried I will give up too quick. What should I do?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    It’s a very common concern for MANY out there, especially if you’ve been inactive for some time. Lisa gets amazing success with her clients due to the strong online community. You’ll have access to Lisa 24/7 as well as access to talk to many other girls doing the same plan in other parts of the world. If you ever feel you need a little motivation, pop a message into the private membership group, someone will soon comment back to inspire that spark inside you again.

  • I am very unfit, will I be able to keep up with the exercises?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Do not worry about your current lack of fitness, that is exactly why this plan was created! With YOU in mind! Start off with what you are able to do and watch your fitness levels soar as the weeks go on. Take a chance in yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

  • I’m an advanced trainer, I’m worried this plan may be too easy for me?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    We are never too far advanced to try something new. Like anything, if you find yourself completing the sets at ease, simply up the intensity or add in the weights. Challenge your limits! This plan can be used alongside your current training schedule but we recommend sticking with the recommendations for recovery and rest as close as possible for best results.

  • Do I need a gym membership or equipment?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    A gym membership is not necessary! The guide can be completed in the privacy of your own home, or the gym or outdoors! You don’t need equipment, you just need some room to move! You could purchase some equipment over time if you want to advance your workouts. We suggest:

    •  Dumbbells (4-6kg sets)
    •  Medicine Ball (5-10 kg)
    •  Skipping Rope
    •  1 Bench
    • Barbell
  • Is there a food guide included?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Yes! The food you eat will determine your results. Proper balanced nutrition choices are essential for success. This guide contains all of Lisa’s nutritional recommendations and tips. All food included in the guide is simple, affordable and available in most supermarkets all around the world. Lisa’s approach is based around a health first mindset. Fuel the body with proper nutrients firstly, avoid calorie counting and enjoy the process, you’ll see results almost immediately, especially if your lifestyle was pretty bad to begin with. As well as a 14 day set meal plan (3 meals, 2 snacks a day) Lisa also provides a “pick n mix” guide where you choose the meals that fit into your day and your preference. Also included are full recipes for meals, shopping lists, cooking tips and tricks, cheat meal advice and timing as well as a comprehensive education guide which including information about calories, macronutrients, micronutrients and how your body uses food. How to alter the meal plan to suit intolerances, and the thinking and science behind effective, sustainable weight loss and management.

  • I don’t like counting calories, is this for me?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Yes! Lisas approach is not based on calorie counting. She recommends taking a health based approach to food choices. Nobody wants to spend their days adding up numbers when beginning a fitness plan but it’s a good idea to have an idea in the back of your mind when unsure. Lisa will talk to you about the calorie and macro content of many foods, so you’re able to make better informed choices over time. If you’ve ever wondered if a handful of nuts is better than an apple for a snack or if potatoes are really as bad as some articles suggest then this guide will cut all the corners and answer your calorie questions for you.

  • Will the programs suit me if I am picky with food?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Yes. There is a great variety of food and recipes on Lisa’s plans! Remember though, they are designed to get the maximum results by following the plan as closely as possible. Skipping meals or making up your own could slow progress and results. Always ask if you need help.

  • Allergies and Intolerances?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    The plans are not tailored for any intolerances, however,it includes recommendations on how to adapt your choices to suit common dietary intolerance. Eg. gluten or dairy

  • How will Lisa track my progress?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Lisa provides you with information on how to track your own progress at the beginning of the plan. Tracking your progress with photos and measurements means that anytime you need additional help, you can use your progress to ask her for extra help moving forward where needed.

  • Is this plan ok for breastfeeding or pregnant women?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    Although the diet guide in all of my programs are healthy, balanced and nutritious, it isn’t suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • I had a baby recently, should I start exercising?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    It depends on your fitness history pre and during pregnancy as well as any implications you had. You must be responsible for your own health and seek professional medical advice from your GP if ever in doubt. Lisa’s guides are simply lifestyle guides, never to be replace professional medical advice.

  • I recently injured myself, is this plan safe for me?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    You must be responsible for your own health and seek professional medical advice from your GP if ever in doubt. Lisa’s guides are simply lifestyle guides, never to be replace professional medical advice.

  • How quickly can I expect results?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    You will feel different in days and see results from week 1 and then continuous results as the weeks continue!

  • When can I sign up?
    Lisa Dee02-12-2015

    The plans can be purchased at any time but are released at a set date each month/6 weeks. Lisa likes all girls to start at the same time for moral support. Please check the online store for more info on the next intake.

  • I've signed up for the 6 Week Bikini Body Plan - but I haven't received an email, haven't received an email or am having some difficulty accessing the plan or downloads.
    Lisa Dee01-02-2016

    For any issues related to the website, forum, downloads or for help with logging in please contact me on support@lisadee.ie and I will respond as soon as possible to ensure you have access to the plan and resolve any issues.


Live a happy life, we have an average of 28,000 days on this world. Make it count.