• C E L L U L I T E •
I get asked about this all the time!

Cellulite is SWOLLEN fat cells putting pressure on the connective tissue around the cells due to a lack of collagen, giving that dimpled appearance.

The hips and thighs are areas more under the control of hormones in women as they are reserved for pregnancy. This is why these are the most common sites for cellulite in women.In fact, cellulite is a natural process in females induced by the hormone estrogen!

We also have less supportive connective tissue to keep it all in place since our natural hormone estrogen BREAKS DOWN collagen.
Cellulite is also increased by poor circulation, and restricted blood flow to the area.
As we age, the connective tissue (all over our body, not just around cellulite) weakens and actually stunts the blood flow that’s carrying nutrients to the area.

Improve blood flow to the area through resistance training, use those bum and leg muscles!
THIS is why I add in lots of leg work to all my training plans. Your blood rushes to tired muscles carrying all the nutrients to repair after a workout. Your cellulite will relish in those nutrients too!

Drop bodyfat. If you have less fat in one area, there will be less pressure on the connective tissue meaning cellulite will be massively reduced.

EAT certain nutrients that promote elimination, included in; leafy greens, licorice, sesame seeds, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower).

SUPPLEMENT with vitamin C (helps in constructing collagen in your body) collagen, DIM, selenium, zinc, green tea, B6 and B12.

HYDRATE. You know when you’re dehydrated and your face looks dry and all your wee fine lines show?! Well dehydration makes cellulite more obvious too.
Water also helps clear your lymphatic system (where your body carries a lot of water waste) a healthy flowing lymphatic system will help your energy levels AND cellulite.

Get AT LEAST 25 grams of fibre a day. MORE if you eat a high-protein diet.

REALISE that there is absolutely nothing wrong or weird about cellulite, we all have it or have had it in some respect. I understand you may want to help reduce it but please don’t hide your body just because you have it! ❤️

I don’t try to hide my cellulite, it’s there and if there’e anything to heighten the obviousness of it, it’s bright sunlight, even so, I refuse to edit a photo to conform to the usuals of whats “instaworthy” and what’s maybe not!

Embrace your body while working towards what you want.

Now, go get that blood flowing and work up a sweat!


Lisa xx


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