Dee Online Body Guide




There’s 3 phases:

1. Complete Newbie

2. Kinda New To This


3. “I’ve Done This Before”.

You’ll have access to all 3 and start with which phase fits you best once you receive the content.

  • You have two options. You can use the Gym workouts with weights or the home workouts without equipment, or a mix of both!
  • 4-6 workouts a week designed to shape your body
  • “How To” video demos
  • Full explanation of reps, sets, times etc.
  • Workout whatever time of day suits YOU best.


Just like the workouts, there’s step up phases for the food too!

  1. Each meal is already laid out for you, all you have to do is cook and eat it! (All easy step by step recipes included. eg. Cottage Pie, Pasta Bake…)

2. You’ll then progress on to choosing the foods and meals you want from the “Build Your Day Calculator” – you decide what you eat daily based on my recommendations.

3. You’ll end with learning how much you should eat per day for your goals and be able to continue with this long after the 8 weeks is up.

  • All foods are simple and widely available in supermarkets
  • I promote healing, nutritious foods
  • If you want a greasy pizza – you can eat a greasy pizza.
  • You won’t need to count calories, I’ve done the hard work for you!
  • You’ll learn how to cook and make food tasty
  • You won’t ever feel hungry or deprived
  • Coeliacs/Gluten Free and lactose intolerant friendly


I’m with you every step of the way.

​You’ll be part of a private online support group with other ladies doing the exact same thing, everyone is in the same boat!

  • I’ll check in daily to chat motivation and answer your Q’s.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A videos and chats.
  • All other ladies in the group are there for motivation too and will spur you along if having a down day, and celebrate with you on good days!
  • You’ll get new reading content and goal setting challenges weekly

At this point, you might be feeling excited, knowing that this will help you get to where you want to be.


But I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re also having some doubts and worries about whether this will work for you!


(It’s natural  to worry right before making a big, powerful change!)


So in case you’re feeling nervous, let me clear up some of the fears you may be thinking right now…




  1. I won’t be able to stick to it!

You haven’t stuck to things in the past, I get it! However, I equip you with every little tool you need to succeed long term, and guess what… I don’t tell you to stay away from your fave foods!

2. I’ll be tired if I do this, I can’t afford to be tired.

NOPE! You’ll have more energy than ever before, thanks to all the delicious food you’re eating!

3. I can’t afford to buy fancy foods.

Potatoes, apples, eggs, rice, chicken, bananas, wraps, icecream… Do they sound like expensive foods to you? All foods are widely available and are foods you probably already eat, I am just teaching you new portions and fun recipes!

4. I’m sick of fad diets, so why is yours different?

GOOD! SO AM I! Which is WHY I created this a couple of years back and added to it ever since. I’m here to banish the bullshit! (check my snapchat for amazing reviews and pics – lisadee89)

5. I know my own body well enough, I don’t need help

Sooooo, why are you on this page right now then?!

6. My muscle will turn to fat if I start this and then stop it.

Don’t even get me started on this!!! It is scientifically impossible to turn muscle tissue into fat tissue. That’s like turning the hair on your head into a fingernail instead. It doesn’t happen.

7.  I don’t want to look bulky with muscles, and manly

Not gonna happen! Again, check out the amazing photos over on my snapchat – lisadee89

8. I have allergies/I don’t like eggs or veggies/I’m a vegan, how will I cope?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to eat anything you don’t want to eat. You will STILL get results. I have templates on how to swap foods for other foods if you need to. It’s all covered!


GOOD! That means you’re about to do something really, really brave!



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As this is an E-course, there is a no refund policy.