Guilty Easter Issues.


There seems to be a trend right now where every fitfam gal out there loves to harp on and on and on about how they can eat anything and that it never affects them. They love their bodies no matter what and don’t ever let those negative feels get to them. “I ate all the food and I feel amazing!” ‘No issues here!!!’ is what they really want to scream, just to double make sure that you believe them.

It’s a lie, it has to be!

If you’ve been following be for a while, you’ll totally understand my approach to health and fitness. My online plans have become successful because I teach gals how to treat food as food.

It’s only food.

I aim to cut the guilt and shit. To stay sane, we need to have a sense of balance and moderation in our daily diets. Eating certain types of food should definitely not make us feel ashamed, guilty and upset, but for many it makes them feel all of the above! I know those feels, I used to have a disordered eating problem too, I talked about it here; I used to hide food

So anyway, yeah I promote balance and life and self-awareness, but here’s the thing, I do not feel amazing after eating 100% of the time.

Most fitfam girls won’t say that, because it seems to be trendy now to #eatallllllthefood and have a #foodbaby and still feel on top of the world like it doesn’t affect us?!


  • I don’t feel amazing when I’m over-stuffed like a Christmas turkey.
  • I don’t feel confident when I’m so bloated that I can’t roll over without feeling like I’m about to explode from all holes.
  • When I eat complete crap, I feel crap.

Let’s remember though, there’s two types of crap food. The usual kind that we are used to (a snickers, a big Mac) and then there’s the oh-my-God this is tastebud blowing, why-haven’t-I-ate-this-before kind of food that may be crap but is earth shattering because it tastes too good.

I don’t sit all day thinking about the food I just ate unless it’s the above, like if it was an absolutely life changing sandwich (we once ate the best Ploughman sandwich in the whole entire world one random weekend in Cardiff, and we still talk about it quite frequently, true story) the creamiest gelato in the world or the fluffiest pancakes I have ever ate in my entire life.

Let’s get real here, those kind of earth shattering meals don’t come around every day.

I’m talking about the usual crap here, the old Dominos fave or the “ok-ish” ice-cream from the cafe down the road. The food you eat that doesn’t really leave much of an impression, it just satisfies that moment of hunger and you feel like complete poop after.

If I eat really crap over a  period of only a few days or weeks, it does affect my self esteem and how I feel.

Yeah I said it! Does that mean I have self-worth problems or an eating disorder? Nope, it simply means that I have an awareness over how I feel when I eat crappy foods.  

Not only do I feel lethargic, groggy, bloated and heavy I feel unmotivated, uninspired and quite frankly, shite.

It’s impossible to have those feelings and not let them affect your mind. Your mind and body are connected, if your body is having a tough time, your mind usually follows.

There’s a difference in that and guilt though. Let’s talk guilt.

After Easter and a little over-indulgence, there’s plenty of feelings of guilt floating around. You don’t have to feel guilty. You can yes, be aware, that you now feel like complete crap and do something about it or, feel guilty and make yourself miserable. Guilty is the “I shouldn’t have” feelings of shame, like you did something wrong.

Now, remember what I said above, it’s only food.



This is where we have two choices, I want you to choose your choice.

No.1 Continue eating more crap because what’s the point in continuing on when I’ve ‘failed’ so bad


No.2 Gimme that salad, my body ain’t feeling so fresh and neeeeeds those precious enzymes and vitamins!

Get me?

There’s always choice.

So many take an ‘all or nothing’ approach though, and this is where things get dangerous.

An ‘all or nothing’ mindset is like this; If I cannot eat clean and within my calories 100% of the time then I am a failure. Fast forward to the weekend and that girl has a few glasses of wine. She wakes up on Sunday and thinks ‘I have failed, sure fuck it now’, orders a pizza and fills herself until she can’t eat anymore, and feels even more guilt. Monday morning comes and she is still in that failure/guilt mindset so starts her day with a bowl of sugary cereal and the process continues. In a month or two, she will see some other ‘fad diet’, tell herself she can do it, this time, but guess what? She hasn’t worked on her mindset at all and so of course the ‘all or nothing’ approach still has her by the tits, the same vicious circle as above continues, for years. A day will then more than likely come where she will tell herself that she just has to accept being ‘big boned’ (or whatever else she tells herself) and she will give up on her health and fitness altogether. Game over.


My approach is good old option 2. I acknowledge the fact that I definitely feel crap. I don’t usually regret the food I ate, but I probably do regret the 12th slice of pizza, 8th Easter egg and  I definitely could have called it a night after the 2nd bottle of wine. All that food makes me feel disgusting. My question is, why don’t other girls ever admit this? I know that I would rather feel energised, light and healthy for most of my days and so I then make choices that will help me feel that way again. I get a sweaty workout in to get the blood pumping, I’ll make a raw, healthy breakfast and I’ll go for a long walk if I can. Taking those kind of actions is what makes me feel good again, so why not do it?


If your body has had a bit of a heavy and hectic Easter weekend, don’t feel guilty but please do make a choice. You can continue to feel this way or simply change a few habits to make you feel more of yourself again. Don’t do extra cardio to ‘burn it off ‘, your body doesn’t work that way. If you want to enjoy food, then enjoy it and stop attaching emotions to the food, it’s only food.

If your body has no energy, your mind has no energy and what happens then is your days just feel a bit blah.

Look after you, take away the guilt or shame, add in the self-awareness and action.

Ask yourself; “How do I want to feel everyday” and then take the required action to bring you to that feeling.

Again, It’s only food, balance is key, don’t hate yourself just because you ate chocolate, start to love the process of learning what works for your body.

Aim for the feeling of ultimate confidence no matter what.


Lisa xx


This blog post is in collaboration with Bperfect cosmetics.



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