Coincidences Or Miracles?



“The people you surround yourself with, will have a huge impact on your mood and state of mind, so make sure you stay away from assholes” ??

❤️ That night we met, I poured my heart out to him. I told him of how upset I was that my move to California didn’t work out, amongst other trials. My visa was declined after I was accepted to drama school. I wanted to be spending my days on sunny beaches so bad. I had been through a mountain of other shit and was at a point where I really didn’t understand my place in the world.

He promised me that I would move to a beach
soon. He promised that and he only just met me.
After his promise, here we are almost 3 years later living in Dubai right beside the beach, after travelling so many other beautiful
beaches together since we met  ?

I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in miracles, destinies locking together and souls
colliding paths, when needed the most.

Life is strange, funny and amazing, don’t waste it. Follow your gut and live a life true to you. Happiness is to be followed and cherished. Finding your other half only adds to the fun and craziness of it all ❤️

So today on World Mental Health Day, I won’t talk about my struggles and pains, I’ve done that before.

Instead, as always, I’m here to spread happiness, positivity, trust, hope and tell you of how amazing life can be after all the struggle and pain.
You’ll have bad days, but after the worst days, they won’t seem so bad.

Fill your life with as much positivity as you can, move environments if you need to, change your circle.

Follow YOUR gut instead of living the life you *think you’re meant to live.

Life can be adventurous, full of laughter and full of smiles! Don’t ever settle, you’ll find your place in the world, just make sure you don’t accept any assholes on the way there ?❤️



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