Do You Apologise To Others For How You Look?

A woman with a broken heart in field.
A common habit I’ve noticed over the years is girls apologising to me for how their bodies look.
I usually do an assessment, and take photos/measurements before beginning a new client, to track progress, as I’m sure all trainers do. What makes me sad though, is that I hear a lot of sorry’s.
“Sorry my belly looks hideous”,
“Sorry I’ve all these stretch marks from having my baby”,
“Sorry I didn’t shave my legs”,
“Sorry I am so out of shape”
The list goes on…
Firstly, I say, don’t you dare apologise to ME about YOUR body.
It’s such a degrading feeling, for yourself, to feel the need to apologise for yourself. So don’t you dare.
Plus, it makes me feel sad, the fact you feel the need to apologise to another woman, for YOUR body.
So please, catch your tongue. You are perfectly fine :)
I really do not care what your body looks like, seriously.
However, I do CARE about how YOU feel about it, and that’s what I work on, that’s my job, to change how you feel about yourself.
You tell me what you want to work on, the same way you take your car to a mechanic and tell him/her what’s wrong.
It’s like this; I look at bodies the exact same way a mechanic looks at a car. The problems you feel you want to work on is what I take note off and build a plan of action on.
I don’t feel any emotion when I look at your body, I don’t have any feelings. I only feel annoyed when you feel the need to apologise to me. It’s only a body! We all have bodies!
I have seen thousands of bare assed bodies over the last 3 years, THOUSANDS. Every shape, size, colour and all with or without hair.
Do you really think yours is gonna be the cracking point for me to suddenly feel disgusted, for whatever reason you’re apologising to me for?!
No of course not!
I am here to help you get to your goals. You show me what you want to work on and we do it together.
To do that, I need to SEE what we are working with, the same way a mechanic needs to see the car.
I can of course understand you might feel shy and a bit out of sorts. After all, this is all brand new to you! You’ve taken a MASSIVE step already by deciding you’re gonna do what needs to be done to get your body and mind feeling good, as close to it’s optimal state as possible. You’ve passed the first fear, which is always the fear of beginning. Many don’t take the first step as they allow the fear or FAILING stop them, so they never begin or they take a year longer than needed to begin.
You’ve already taken that first step, it all get’s easier from here.
Yes deadlifts are hard, lunges are hard, sprints are hard but not one of those are harder than overcoming the fear and making the decision to start in the first place.
You’ve done it! So now, cut yourself some slack and accept your body how it is, your likes and dislikes while realising you’re in total control to change your habits from here.
You don’t ever need to apologise for anything.
Unless you skip a 6am Sunday session because you slept in, andI got outta bed and already in the gym with big tired eyes waiting for you… Then damn right you better be bloody apologising your bum off with a hot americano and cookie in tow next time I see you 😉
Hope this wee article helped,
Lots of love
Lisa xxx
Email me on and I’ll shoot you an email right back :)
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