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Started this at my heaviest in six years, today I weighed in to see I’m now the lightest I think I’ve been in all of my 20’s (which are over soon). 20lbs down since the begining. I never would have expected that.

I started this plan, firmly with the intention of losing weight,particularly with my wedding looming but I can honestly say that if I never lost a pound now I’d be happy. My energy is through the roof (really necessary when you have 3 kids, are studying full time for masters and working full time too!).  My skin is glowing.

Reinvent Your Body and Life

I’m  rarely bloated anymore which is unreal!!! Still a good bit to go but I honestly am so so happy Lisa thank you and it’s all down to you. I have changed my life now for the better, I can cope with endometriosis much better and I can now kick ass and lose the weight I’ve put on since my diagnosis!! I haven’t been this happy in a long time!! Thanks again Lisa xx you are the best xx.

This is the first time in years that I’ve actually felt more confident about my figure. I’m feeling much better about myself and the thought of hot weather doesn’t terrify me for fear of putting on a bikini!! Thanks a million. I’ve been recommending you to everyone xx.


I’ve tried different ways of exercising and can honestly say that I never enjoyed working out until I joined your bootcamp! You’ve definitely changed my outlook on health and fitness. I’m a lot more conscious about the foods that I eat now also.. can’t wait to get back to your bootcamp!!
Don’t ever stop empowering xx  

Would def recommend Lisa to anyone.. Bootcamp is tough but u feel great after.. Most enjoyable exercise I ever did (I tried a lot of diff classes).. Each night is diff so ur not doing the same and getting bored.. Lisa really pushes and supports u throughout great at motivating and making u feel better in urself.. Not only is she a trainer she becomes ur friend too and makes you feel comfortable and can talk to her about anything.. Thanks for everything Lisa.. xx

Feel Healthy, Confident & Strong

This lady truly makes exercising a well worth desire to become confident in yourself mentally and physically in a way you wouldn’t even dream of :) she has helped me loose inches within one month of training as well as weight loss 😀 looking forward to the results of my second month as her training is tough, but well worth the results in the end. No pain equals no gain 😉 x
Pamela .

Love Lisa’s bootcamps! She is so approachable and works so hard to make her girls feel comfortable and confident in their training! Highly recommend.

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