Don’t Feel Bad For The Following…


We’ve all gone through periods of feeling bad about something that we really should not feel bad about and putting our happiness in the hands of other people. It’s time to start feeling empowered about your decisions in life, stop letting the energy of others affect you in a negative way.
Look after yourself, BE that trickle of sunshine in someones day.
Use your smile, lift and encourage others without feeling bad. Just be your damn self! :)


Don’t ever feel that it’s obnoxious to share with the world that thing that makes YOU happy!
There’s so much negativity out there, all you have to do is switch on the radio or open a newspaper to see heartbreaking stories. Sharing your happy stories will make another person smile. Be the light in someones darkness!
For me, I find it positively infectious when I read how someone has changed their life and how excited they are about it.


Don’t ever feel bad for distancing yourself from characters than drain your spirit,
whether it’s family members, friends, relationships or co workers.
Over time that negative feeling will become too much to handle so distance yourself, without causing offence. Spend time with those who lift your spirit and make you smile.
A conversation between any two people should be much more than gossiping and complaining.
You don’t need to complain, gossip or share negativity just to fit in with another person.
Do you feel comfortable sharing your goals and dreams with that person? If not, ask yourself why?


This could be any kind of achievement, whether it’s the fact you got up early to do a morning workout, maybe you won a volleyball tournament, maybe your business hit it’s monthly target, maybe you passed your exams…Whatever it is, do not feel bad about celebrating the achievement!
Those who matter will be genuinely thrilled for you and will buzz off your excitement!


I’m not so sure how this happened but some people see exercising and taking care of your body and health as a negative.
If you are currently making an effort to look after your health, don’t feel bad just because someone close to you isn’t motivated to do the same. You should never feel bad for taking a step towards a healthier life, don’t let another complainer bring your efforts down. It’s YOUR body, you look after it, whatever way you enjoy!


Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness - Quote Typographical Background. Vector EPS8 illustration.


In the crazy high paced world we live in, we can sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of responsibilities.
We cannot do it all, sometimes you have to say NO to an opportunity you aren’t overly excited about, a new client, a family obligation or an event invite.
You cannot do it all, you can try but the feeling of empowerment is worth it when you say NO to something you didn’t want to do in the first place. If you can’t do it, don’t do it. Look after yourself.


You want something but need to ask a person in charge? You gotta ask!
Whether it’s an extension on that work deadline, a promotion, a plate of broccoli instead of mash potato at the restaurant, some time to yourself, you really need to ask!
Don’t settle for what’s being handed to you if it’s not what you really feel you want or need.
Ask for another option, if they say no they say no, no big deal, it won’t matter in 5 years will it?

Finally and most importantly…


When you’re genuinely authentic and true to yourself in a world full of copycats it’s quite normal to wonder if you’re on the right path at all. You may wonder if you should change how you do something, change how you act or change how you engage with others, just like the rest of them.
DON’T. Keep being yourself, you have a purpose, you are the way you are for a reason.
Don’t go out and replicate another successful personality, be your quirky wee self and you’ll be naturally happy without trying, only THEN will success come to you.
Happiness breeds success so start loving who you are as a beautiful human being and watch your life slowly transform, on your own terms.

I hope this post inspires you to take some healthy steps to happiness in your own life.


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